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Bigo Diamond Recharge

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  • আপনার ভিগো আইডি কোডটি সঠিকভাবে বসিয়ে দিন
  • পেমেন্ট করার পর নাম্বার এবং ট্রানজেকশন আইডি সঠিক ভাবে দিন

Bigo Live
Bigo Live is a popular streaming platform. It is more popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Currently Vigo Live has 36.8 million active users. In 2014, Bigo Live was developed by a Singapore company called Singapore-based Bigo Technology. And the founders of Bigo Live are David Lee and Jason Hu.
On Bigo Live, people share their favorite moments and upload videos of their skills and talents, making their supporters who watch the streams happy and give virtual gifts. Gifts that streamers can withdraw. Users tend to prefer the trending streams A Bigo streamer can share the daily happenings of his personal life with the whole world through Bigo Live.
A bigo live streamer can show the culture of his country to the whole world through bigo live. Also he can increase his popularity and when a bigo streamer’s popularity increases, his followers also increase. This results in more views on his stream and more gifts from his supporters.
What is Bigo Diamond?
Bigo Social Influencers are gifted by their supporters on the Bigo Live Stream platform called Viggo Diamonds. Bigo Diamonds are Bigo Live’s in-game currency, which are bought by supporters of Bigo streamers and then given as gifts to their favorite streamers.
What is the way to buy bigo diamond?
Bigo Live Company has two methods to buy Bigo Diamonds If the 1st method is ingame search, BIGO users can directly login to their ID and buy BIGO Diamonds through Google Payments. 1st method is to buy diamonds with ID code. There are several international payment channels for buying diamonds with ID codes. Popular among them are Razer Gold, Unipin, Codashop etetc.
How to buy Bigo diamond using Bkash and Nagad from Bangladesh?
There are several popular websites in Bangladesh to buy Bigo Diamonds. Using which you can easily buy Bigo Live Diamond from Bangladesh using BKash and Nagad. Among them, some popular websites are suggested

  1. Gamesbd24.com
  2. Ucshopbd.com
  3. Gamebazarbd.com
  4. Codashop.com
  5. edigitalxyz.com

The reason for recommending these 5 websites is that these sites keep the prices much lower than other websites and deliver the products very quickly. And their payment method is popular online payment system of Bangladesh BKash and Nagad.

How to buy Bigo Live Diamond from Gamesbd24.com website?
You can easily buy Bigo Diamonds from Gamesbd24.com if you follow the below steps.

  • Search Gamesbd24.com on Google
  • Then come to Gamesbd24 website and click on Bigo Diamond Products.
  • Select the package of your choice and enter your Vigo ID and WhatsApp number.
  • Then click Buy Now and select your preferred payment method.
  • Place order by giving your number and transaction ID correctly after payment.

Wait for some time after ordering and then login to Vigo to get your diamonds.


Bigo Diamond Recharge

50 Diamond, 100 Diamond, 150 Diamond, 200 Diamond, 250 Diamond, 510 Diamond, 660 Diamond, 760 Diamond, 1020 Diamond, 2550 Diamond, 5200 Diamond

2 reviews for Bigo Diamond Recharge

  1. Nijum ratri

    Service valo but ager package gulo valo chilo

  2. Ronan


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